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Option 1 – $1200 USD / person –
Up to 8 hours of instruction and includes judging duties up to 3 contests, teacher introduction/jam, social demonstration, and all social duties such as attending dances/parties.

Option 2 – $1400 USD / person – Up to 10 hours of instruction and includes judging duties up to 3 contests, teacher introduction/jam, social demonstration, level testing duties, and all social duties such as attending dances/parties.

EXTRAS: These are some options that can be can be requested of us but we must agree on terms ahead of time. Please feel free to ask about these options if you like.

  • Solo or Partnered choreographed performance.

  • DJ sets in Swing/Jazz or other special genres of music, such as soul or pop music, during the event.

  • Master of Ceremonies (MC), not included in the above rates. Please see those sections by scrolling down on this page.

  • Contest Coordination/Tabulation, not included in the above rates. Please see those sections by scrolling down on this page.

Payments must be made via direct deposit, check, or cash. Any IBANN/SWIFT/Routing/SSI/Account numbers will be provided upon request. If the event requires an invoice then one will be provided. PayPal is accepted as well via email, which will be provided upon request. All payments and reimbursements must be completed within 1 week after the event. 


If the event is canceled less than 30 days before the event then we would like to be paid $400 USD. If the event is canceled more than 30 days before the event then there will be no penalties. In either case, any reimbursements must be honored and paid for. In the case of illness, or inability to attend, we will pay for or reimburse any flights or charges needed to be made. And help to find someone else to take a place.


We would love to discuss the final class list with you or your group. And ask to see a draft of classes for approval by me before anything is to be published. We are very willing to work with you in an effort to better accommodate what your event needs and what we can offer. If a topic is something we do not feel comfortable teaching we will let you, or your group, know and work with you to better accommodate both parties.



Private lessons are $80 USD an hour for one person or a couple for one instructor. Or $45 USD for half an hour for one person or a couple for one instructor. If there are 3 or more dancers for the private then the price is $125 USD per hour. If you would like a private lesson with the two of us is will be $160 USD an hour for one person or a couple for both instructors.


  • All travel costs (airfare, baggage fees, etc.) shall be paid for by the festival/event with the preferred departure, arrivals, and carriers chosen ahead of time whenever possible. The festival/event may choose to purchase airline tickets at their earliest convenience OR the event may ask Mikey & Nikki to purchase their own tickets for which they will reimburse in full at the time of purchase.

  • Preferred Departure Airport (USA): Orange County (SNA)  

  • Secondary Departure Airport Los Angeles (LAX)

  • Preferred Airline Carrier (USA): Delta Airlines

  • We do ask to confirm times and dates for the itinerary before purchase.

  • If there is something that would be more cost-effective for the event please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate. 


  • Accommodations, or housing, must be provided by the event. These accommodations should allow us to sleep in our own bed and have a door for privacy. We will be sharing a room & a bed together. Hotel accommodations are always preferred. Housing with festival/event organizers or local dancers is acceptable.

  • Please note that Mikey is extremely allergic to cats and would prefer to not be in a house with a cat, please. 


  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinners must be provided by the event, during the course of the event. We both follow the Ketogenic diet: low to no carbohydrates and sugars diet. Meats, cheeses, and vegetables are always great options. It’s a lot easier than it sounds, we can usually find things to eat at most restaurants, but we might ask for changes/substitutions. 

  • Coffee is a must please! 

We would love to hear if you have or plan to have some sort of “code of conduct,” or some kind of system in place to handle situations that may arise, in place for your event. If not, we are happy to work with you on this. In light of situations that have happened, in and out of the Swing Dance community, and knowing too many survivors that have come forward regarding sexual assault, rape, and general mistreatment of women and minorities, I feel it is important that everyone (event organizers, teachers, & students) help contribute in furthering education and prevention. 

That being said we do have a list of people we will not work with, or be in a lineup with, or have reservations about working with. If you would like to inquire as to that list please feel free to contact us via email and we can discuss the matter there.

Nikki Marvin, aka Moxie Gold, is an accomplished Burlesque performer and instructor. If you and/or your organization are interested in having Nikki teach a specialty class on empowerment through Burlesque please let us know.

Mikey Pedroza is an experienced contest coordinator and score tabulator. He can provide these services upon request:

  • Pre-contest organization of judging score sheets, emcee/contestant lineup sheets, contestant numbering, and wrangling.

  • Relative placement score tabulation for preliminary and final rounds.

  • Price: to be determined with organizer/organization.

We both excel on the mic and are proven crowd-pleasers.

Consider hiring one, or both of us, to keep your audience pumped up and engaged at your event. Our duties would include introducing live bands and performances/entertainers, run and manage contests, make sure announcements are audible and clearly presented, effectively stage-manage in order to make your weekend events run on time, and use our unique personalities to bring that all-important, positive energy all weekend long. We are more than willing to work with your event to help make it more cost-effective.

Price per 3 day event: $500 USD


  • It is very important that we are in a good condition to dance at our absolute best when performing for or socializing with students/attendees.

  • Upon arrival at the event, a personalized schedule with times and locations to be provided by the event would be very grateful (this is something separate from the regular event guide given to the general public). It is a lot easier if we have a page to know exactly where to be when to be there, and what we are doing once there.

  • Unless it is absolutely necessary, we prefer a minimum of 2 hours of downtime to recharge between classes and any events planned for the evening. These 2 hours do not include time spent eating at meals.

  • In addition, accommodations must have access to wifi Internet, since the majority of our work revolves around being connected to the Internet.


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